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Makeloop lets you send your contacts, questions such as Yes/No and/or Poll questions. However what makes our app different to other group SMS and text apps is that we sort the responses for you!

So we will tell you who has said yes or no. We will tell you who has chosen the various options you have set. This saves your time sorting through emails or SMS responses. Depending on the answer the user replies with you can send an automatic SMS reply!

So if you ask someone, “Are you coming? Please reply yes or no”. If the person says Yes, they will be sent an automatic SMS reply that says, “Great, see you there!”

Suggested uses include:
Arranging meetings and parties - Are you coming? Please reply yes or no
Deciding issues - Chinese , Indian or Romanian food for our staff night out?
Emergency communication - Please confirm you know the football game is cancelled!
Confirming attendance - Are you coming to my party?
Targeted SMS and text marketing - Do you want to come to my restaurant tonight, we have a 30% reduction?

Don’t forget you can then send an automatic response!